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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Night time

the moon was INCREDIBLE tonight!!!
but I was too mesmerized to grab my camera and I didn't wanna miss a second not looking at it!! it wasn't a full moon... it was in between half & full... and it was yellowish.. the clouds cleared for a minute (litterally).. and showed off the moon... it was glowing in the black sky.. i tried to take a picture... i honestly did... but well, *sigh*
i guess it wasn't my time to capture the moon :)

when the clouds covered it up again, there were lightnings.. just small ones, playing between clouds... so i decided to try and capture at least one... and i did :)
it's not clear.. because it's night time.. and i haven't been practicing at night, so im not really a pro.. not that i am... ;D hahahha! out of 20 pictures, these 2 are the best i've got (so far ;}) and i hope you like them...:)

it's blurry, i know... but i think it's awesome that i actually caught it! :D it takes practice.... and i promise you i am going to get an amazing one after a while of practicing :)

this one formed a frickin U ! :D
it shows a bit... just a bit.. :)

Hope i didn't bore you :P
- Rx

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