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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here are pictures of the rose I promised :D

!! ENJOY !!

soo, my laptop's being retarded right now and won't download everything..

and plus,. I have to continue packing cuz I'm travelling tomorrow (YAY!) 

I promise to bring back pictures 

-hope you like my pictures, thanks for checking-

-R xo

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines c:


I got a flower today and it convinced me to start taking pictures again. As this blog shows, I haven't been taking pictures since this summer; I really don't know why, I just stopped.

I guess this is the reason:
Sadness | Happiness
but I'm not going to elaborate on that.
I'm just going to let you figure it out yourself c:

A N Y W H O O O O . . .

I just wanted to let y'all know,
This blog is up and running again!

I'm going to be posting pictures again soon,
I hope you enjoy them!
R -- xo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Night time

the moon was INCREDIBLE tonight!!!
but I was too mesmerized to grab my camera and I didn't wanna miss a second not looking at it!! it wasn't a full moon... it was in between half & full... and it was yellowish.. the clouds cleared for a minute (litterally).. and showed off the moon... it was glowing in the black sky.. i tried to take a picture... i honestly did... but well, *sigh*
i guess it wasn't my time to capture the moon :)

when the clouds covered it up again, there were lightnings.. just small ones, playing between clouds... so i decided to try and capture at least one... and i did :)
it's not clear.. because it's night time.. and i haven't been practicing at night, so im not really a pro.. not that i am... ;D hahahha! out of 20 pictures, these 2 are the best i've got (so far ;}) and i hope you like them...:)

it's blurry, i know... but i think it's awesome that i actually caught it! :D it takes practice.... and i promise you i am going to get an amazing one after a while of practicing :)

this one formed a frickin U ! :D
it shows a bit... just a bit.. :)

Hope i didn't bore you :P
- Rx

Our Yard (continuation) :}

there's just something in this picture i find interesting :)

this flower screams, PURITY. PEACE. SAFE. :)

there's something about flowers that attract people.... :)

stand still... :)

that's a plant....a pretty cool one :)

there's always a light at the end of the tunnel
or in this case,
there's always a light in between leaves

they look like the thingies on an octupus' tentacle.. :D

hope you like them!


Guess what??
My friend told me this...  i didnt know before.. HAHA!
If you wanna see my pictures larger, just click on it :)

- Rx

PS. oh and more pictures from my yard coming next!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our yard :}

These are some plants in our yard :) They're all funny looking, i know... but some are pretty awesome :D

LOOKIE! hahaha! i was just taking pictures of the flowers.. when i noticed something flying from flower to flower... and i got it! :P it's pretty awesome.. one of my favourites from today. I dont know if blogger is posting my pictures as is... i hope so... i want my pictures bigger... but i guess i'd have to change my template, which i don't feel like doing right now.. maybe later :P


i've been uploading more pictures... but blogger is messing up the quality of my pictures... (or maybe its just my internet).. & i don't like posting bad quality pictures... so...
until next time!!!


Little Devil!

I've been watching this bird from outside my balcony... i have a standard lens so, it doesn't zoom that much..these pictures are the best i've got so... bear with me :P

this one's edited... [obviously]
i edited it because i didn't feel like the bird was visible in the original picture...

this one's original. no edit. :)


Friday, July 16, 2010


The first subject I am going to show you is a person that is very important to me. He has been there for as long as I can remember and was always there for my famlily. I am so grateful that I get to meet him and spend time with him because other people don't get to meet theirs.
He is my Grandfather.

I chose to show him first because when I got home, I found out something horrible that happened to him. When I last saw him, i found out that he has Dementia. "Dementia (meaning "deprived of mind") is a serious loss of cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might be expected from normal aging." (from Wikipedia xD shh!) He forgot some stuff back then but he was fine. He was as healthy as a horse! This year, when we got home, he was thin & weak. He stayed in bed 'cause he couldn't move. His face was distorted. It was so sad... :( My mom thinks he had a mild stroke but who knows? They went to the hospital to see what was happening to him. I didn't ask... I guess I was scared to know... But they got him medicine and he's getting MUCH better everyday! :D
Just today, he came over and was almost walking by himself! His face is getting better, he is eating, he's going to the toilet by himself and he even showers alone now! I can also understand him better when he talks! And he talks now and he smiles and he talks about the past just like how I remember him! I am beyond happy!

This is a moment when my sister was helping him up & he was laughing while getting up and I just COULDN'T NOT snap a shot!

- Rx

Welcome :D

Hello :) [whoever you are...,] Thank you so much for reading & checking my blog.
I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures, & reading about my adventures.
For now, I am on summer vacation and i don't have all of my pictures, so you are going to see some pretty latest pictures :)

I'm warning you. This isn't all pictures. So if that's what you're looking for then i suggest you exit from this page because in this blog, i will post pictures (of course!) but, i will also write about them and why i take them.

Enjoy ! :}

& keep....

- Rx